Customer Obligations

Customer obligations

Obligations of your plan

As a customer you have ongoing obligations which form part of your plan.  Some of these are listed below:
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Property Inspection
  • Declaration of Occupancy
  • Monthly Rental Payments (where they form part of your agreement)
Further information regarding these are set out below;

Some administration fees may be payable in relation to your plan, these are shown in our Tariff of Charges

Building Insurance

Where the Terms of your Plan require you to have adequate buildings insurance in place at all times, you must ensure you do so. 

In cases where we insure the property, we will write to you each year with a Schedule of Insurance.

Property Inspection

Under the terms of the plan you must allow us access to your property to carry out an inspection.

We will write to you periodically when an inspection is due on the property. A representative acting on behalf of Retirement Bridge Management will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit you at the property. 

The surveyor will walk around the house (internal and external) viewing its condition. They will make notes during the visit, take photograghs and produce a report after the visit. If you’d like to see the report we will send you a copy.

The inspection should only take in the region of 20 minutes.

If the report identifies that your property requires essential work, we will write to you detailing the works required and ask that this work is carried out within three months from the date of the report. If you think it will take longer please contact us to discuss.

Additionally, we may from time to time carry out a sample review of all the properties we have a financial interest in. Your property may be selected in this sample. If so this involves an external only viewing of your property by our nominated representative who may need to take photographs. If so they should act responsibly so that your privacy and enjoyment of the property is not affected.


Declaration of Occupancy

Your terms and conditions state you must notify us if anyone who is not part of the plan is living at the property.

We will write to you each year requesting you complete a declaration of occupancy form. 



We need you to confirm that you are still living at the property, should anyone be living with you at the property you should provide their details on the form. 

They will be required to sign an Occupants Deed, which we will forward to you on receipt of the notification.

Rental payments
If you have taken out a plan with rent, you have an obligation to pay your rent each month in line with your plan.

When having difficulties making your monthly payment, you should contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we are aware of it, the more chance we have of helping you. We will work together to find, where possible, a solution or arrangement to address the problem. 

You should be aware that, in the worst case, you may be at risk of losing your home for non-payment of rent.
If you require additional support with your finances, we suggest you contact Citizens Advice who may help you find a solution. For further details visit